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Cyberattacks On The Rise - Are YOU safe?

Cybercriminals are becoming more active in their pursuit to exploit vulnerabilities in weak security systems online. Is you online identity safe? Could YOU be the next target? Find out how you can...
26 5 月 2023
Hacker attempting to cause a data breach.

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The threat of cyberattacks is lurking at every corner of the internet, and with the volatile security in centralized systems, it is time to consider every possibility we can to increase your online safety. No one is safe from the risk of a data breach, regardless of their popularity, social status, or influence. 

So, what lies ahead? Who will be the next target? It could be anyone, it could be YOU.

Don’t become the next victim. Act now!

In recent years, the online world has witnessed an alarming increase in the severity and chaos of cyberattacks, despite their existence for decades. This escalation can be attributed to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), which has attracted not only those seeking to harness its remarkable potential for good but also malicious individuals.

The majority of people still rely on centralized systems to store and manage their private and sensitive information. Unfortunately, these centralized systems have consistently failed to implement robust security measures. Consequently, individuals are left anxiously anticipating the next cyberattack and whether they will fall victim to a distressing news headline.

Nevertheless, amidst this concerning landscape, there is a glimmer of hope. While malicious actors are becoming more adept at exploiting AI for bad purposes, there are individuals who employ the power of AI for positive ends. 

SelfKey is one such entity that harnesses AI in its decentralized solutions, with the primary objective of fortifying security measures and safeguarding privacy.

By leveraging the potential of SelfKey iD, individuals may exercise their self-sovereign rights in the online realm, along with the aid of anti-bot technology. This integrated approach has the potential to make cyberattacks preventable in the near future. 

A decentralized ecosystem, facilitated by SelfKey iD, would ideally offer individuals a secure environment, alleviating the constant fear of data breaches.

⚡The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper can teach you more about the benefits of decentralized systems.

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Crypto News

AI is the key to astonishing breakthrough that allowed paralyzed man to walk again

A man who was paralyzed in a cycling accident a decade ago has regained the ability to walk through a wireless digital connection between his brain and spinal cord. 

By using a brain-computer interface, nerve signals from the brain are transmitted to a computer that decodes the intention to move. These instructions are then wirelessly sent to an implant in the lower back, stimulating the leg muscles and enabling walking. 

This breakthrough, made possible by artificial intelligence, offers hope for others with paralysis. While cost and access remain challenges, the implications for people living with paralysis are significant.

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