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Evil Twins & Metaverse Identity Theft - Are You at Risk?

Cyberspace can open amazing doors to knowledge, communication, and exploration of incredible digital realms. But, are you aware of the dangers which lurk in the corners of virtual spaces? Find out if you're at risk of becoming the next victim of identity theft in the metaverse.
19 5 月 2023
Virtual spaces.

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Similar to the current state of the internet, the metaverse grapples with security and privacy challenges. With the use of artificial intelligence, malicious actors can create virtual replicas of real individuals, raising concerns about the existence of one's own "evil twin" in the online world.

But how can you detect signs of online stalking and protect your digital identity? Are YOU vulnerable to encountering your digital doppelgänger

The metaverse poses privacy and security challenges, especially concerning fraud and identity theft. A recent report indicates that people are concerned about the tracking and misuse of their personal data in the metaverse. 

E-commerce fraud is also on the rise, with projected losses exceeding $48 billion globally in 2023. However, there is a lack of trust in the metaverse, hindering its widespread adoption.

Recognizing different types of metaverse fraud is crucial, including evil twins, digital doppelgängers, and virtual phishing scammers

To address these issues, experts advise companies to take proactive measures. Here are just a few examples of tools which may help prevent cybercrime in cyberspace: 

  • Strong authentication, such as two-factor authentication and passphrases.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to verify customer identities. SelfKey uses AI-Powered Proof of Individuality in its KYC verification process, with the aim to combat unlawful access by bots or identity thieves to user’s personal accounts. 
  • Blockchain technology for secure transactions and record keeping. SelfKey DAO may provide the security and privacy individuals deserve as they engage in the online world.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for automated identity verification and detection of suspicious behaviors.

Because of the immersive nature of the metaverse, it’s extremely important for us to be extra cautious about the safety of our digital identities. These methods may prevent online fraud and identity theft as we begin to migrate to cyberspace.

Hopefully, in the near future, decentralized systems may enhance security and privacy, so that individuals may operate in the digital realm without having to constantly worry about their identity being compromised. 

⚡The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper can teach you more about the benefits of decentralized systems.

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