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The Future of Digital Identity

🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  In case you missed it, the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper is here! We're also excited to discuss new methods for storing and managing your private data online with upgraded security measures. We’ll elaborate on the latest technology and best practices to keep your sensitive information safe.  
12 3 月 2023

🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts, 

We are delighted to have you as part of our growing community of like-minded professionals, who share the same interest in the crypto industry. Our goal at SelfKey is to provide you with our latest news, valuable tips, insights, and resources to help you succeed in your field!

In case you missed it, the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper is here!

We're also excited to discuss new methods for storing and managing your private data online with upgraded security measures. We’ll elaborate on the latest technology and best practices to keep your sensitive information safe.

🎉 Don’t miss out: New DAO Whitepaper Release! 🎉

SelfKey's DAO whitepaper outlines inspiring new developments in the field of decentralized identity management. 

We are thrilled to introduce cutting-edge solutions that are being developed to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations manage their digital identities. 

One of our main focuses is to facilitate a secure way for individuals to interact and build connections, while their private data is kept safe from malicious, prying eyes. 

This week’s article focuses on:

🤖 Using AI to our advantage

As society reaches new technological peaks every year, we are more or less forced to keep up with it. With computer-based verification being the new trend, we have to learn to adapt to the latest methods of identifying ourselves. 

AI-Powered Proof of Individuality can be our salvation in the struggle between humanity, AI, and those who use technology for malicious purposes.

In case you missed it, the previous week’s article presents:

👑 Self Sovereign Identity

Have you ever wondered about what happens to your personal information once you click “agree and accept the terms” of applications you use on a daily basis? Data breaches happen more often than we think, and they can easily lead to identity theft. 

Thankfully, a new method to combat these risks is being developed. SSID is designed to keep our digital identity safe as we head towards a digitized future.

Crypto News

📰 Signature Bank, Stablecoins Might Benefit From Silvergate Exchange Network's Demise

Silvergate Bank's Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN), a platform for off-blockchain money transfers between big investors and crypto exchanges, has been shut down, raising questions about its value to the nascent crypto-markets infrastructure.

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Quote of the week

"The more we learn about artificial intelligence, the more it learns about us. Keep your digital identity safe with SelfKey!"

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