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Your KEY to Freedom

Empowering individuals and organizations to find more freedom and privacy through the full ownership of their digital identity.

SelfKey Identity Network

SelfKey is a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity, securely manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and instantly onboard onto financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services.

SelfKey makes KYC simple, painless and easy, providing access to hundreds of products and services. Relying parties, certifiers and identity owners can transact in a secure, private, decentralized manner.

Identity Wallet

Securely access your ID attributes and documents, verify and notarize them through qualified certifiers, and share them with relying parties listed on the SelfKey Marketplace to access their products and services.
Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, receiving and sending ETH, KEY and any ERC-20 token.


Easily compare and access a wide range of financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services. Get a second passport, set up businesses, open bank accounts, trade with cryptocurrencies and more.
Try the demo to learn what you can do with your SelfKey.

KEY Token

The KEY token powers the ecosystem enabling trust and reputation and allowing participants to exchange value. Stake KEY to access the network, verify and notarize your ID documents, and purchase services such as a residency, a company, an exchange account, or a bank account.

One-Click Application

Make document intensive applications instantly with a quick and painless KYC onboarding process. Open bank and exchange accounts or incorporate a company with just a few clicks.

Manage Your Identity

Share your identity documents with verified notaries to receive certified and re-usable identity notarizations, all from the security and privacy of your local device.

Private & Secure

All data and documents remain stored locally in your device – not in a SelfKey server or in the blockchain. No one has access to your information until you decide to share it.


The SelfKey Wallet

The SelfKey Identity Wallet Alpha is available for selected community members.
Join our community and request access to the SelfKey Wallet Testing Group.

The KEY Token

The KEY token is an Ethereum ERC-20 compliant cryptographic token used as access rights, proof of reputation and payment unit within the SelfKey Network. The KEY token is a trust mechanism that allows participants to exchange value within the SelfKey Ecosystem.


Stake KEY to own and manage your digital identity and instantly and securely apply for the ultimate Freedom insurance: a Second Passport and a Second Residency.


Stake KEY access your documents locally on your device. No one, not even SelfKey, knows that your documents ever exist. There is no database or server to be hacked.


Stake KEY to access International Bank Accounts, Precious Metals trade and storage services and to purchase a Property in a sunny nation to get a Second Passport.


Stake KEY to efficiently incorporate a company, open a bank account remotely, transfer and exchange money, and access credit cards and payment processors.


Stake KEY to participate in multiple token sales and instantly sign up for verified exchange accounts to trade without limits.


Stake KEY to instantly access innovative Fintech products such as Virtual Current Accounts, Digital Banks, E-Wallets, and P2P Money Transfer Services.


You can buy KEY through the following blockchain asset exchange platforms.


The SelfKey technology and team has graduated from several accelerators as KYC-Chain, has gone through a POC with Standard Chartered Bank and is powering KYC of some of the most promising Token Sales and Fintech startups.

Q1 2016

Accenture Fintech Lab Accelerator

Q3 2016

SCB Digital Ventures Accelerator.

Q1 2017

SuperCharger Accelerator and angel round for KYC-Chain.

Q2 2017

Public announcement of work with Standard Chartered Bank

Q3 2017

Cyberport Accelerator

Q3 2017

KYC-Chain donates B2C wallet code to SelfKey Foundation, releases White Paper and opens to public

Q3 2017

SelfKey powers KYC of some of the most promising Token Sales and Blockchain & Fintech Startups

Q4 2017

SelfKey Pre-Sale December 15th – 201th 2017 – SelfKey Public Presale. The SelfKey Pre-Sale ended four days ahead of schedule as it reached $15,840,000 worth of KEY tokens sold and therefore hit the Pre-Sale maximum cap.

Q1 2018

SelfKey Token Sale sold out in 11 minutes ($21.7m)

SelfKey Identity Wallet Alpha Community Testing launch

Identity Wallet supports cryptocurrency transactions


Selfkey Roadmap


SelfKey Wallet Alpha Public Launch
Exchanges Marketplace
‘Log in with SelfKey’ Button & Browser Extension


Alpha Launch of SelfKey mobile app
Alpha Launch of SelfKey Corporate Identity Wallet desktop app
Partnership work with governments and utility providers begins
Launch Trusts, Foundations, Companies, Residencies, and Passport verticals in SelfKey desktop app


SelfKey roll out dedicated functionality for utility providers as Claims Issuers
Beta launch of SelfKey desktop app



Self-service marketplace listing sign-up for Relying Parties within select verticals
Launch precious metals vertical in SelfKey apps


Launch digital wallets and money transmission verticals in SelfKey apps
Beta launch of SelfKey Corporate Identity Wallet, including multi-user support functionality


Introduction of the SelfKey Reputation system


Alpha Launch of POI proof of concept

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